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About Us


About SHF

SHF is an active housing association on St. Eustatius. Approximately 110 homes are rented by the organization to tenants with limited financial resources. Based on the following mission and vision, SHF is active in the broad field of social housing.

“Providing quality social housing that allows families to thrive within society.”

On a small island, social housing is a community concern. Whether you are a current tenant or a prospective tenant, we are reliable and approachable. Due to income or other circumstances, we provide affordable and sustainable housing for tenants who find it difficult to obtain housing on their own. As a landlord, we are committed to providing a home in a beautiful neighborhood for our tenants. Our tenants, the public entity, and other stakeholders are working together to achieve this goal.

From the Housing domain, SHF is focused on sustainability, quality of life, housing and care, and social development.

There are often more than just houses for our current and future residents. More needs to be done. They may be able to rely on others in times of need, for example. The feeling of being welcomed in a pleasant neighborhood. This is one of our core values at SHF. As well as providing our customers with a home, we also wish to contribute to a pleasant living environment and a nice home by working together with our network. We should keep our eyes and ears open at all times. The provision of information and advice. However, it is also important to make connections, refer to people, or encourage them to move forward.”

Mission & Vision

Our mission is roviding quality social housing that allow families to thrive within society.

Our vision Social housing is a community concern, especially on a small island. We are reliable and approachable for tenants and future-tenants. We procure, build and manage affordable and sustainable homes for tenants who find it difficult to provide for their housing due to income or other circumstances. We are involved and dedicated to provide a home for our tenants in a pretty neighborhood. We’re working together with our tenants, the public entity and other stakeholders.


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